Over the past 20 years I have organized over 300 performances, conferences, festivals, music series, lectures, screenings, workshops, dinners, celebrations, readings, tours, and more. Below are select highlights from that history.

Playfulness as Resistance: Jacob Lawrence Gallery 25th Anniversary
Saturday, February 16, 2019
Jacob Lawrence Gallery

The Jacob Lawrence Gallery celebrated it’s 25th Anniversary with Playfulness as Resistance featuring DJ sets by SassyBlack, Felisha Ledesma (S1 Portland), and dos leches + Eve Defy (TUF Collective, Seattle); live screen printing by PartyHat; a ball pit by Colleen Louise Barry; a temporary tattoo by Claire Cowie; cocktails created by Timothy Rysdyke; donuts from General Porpoise; an installation by Disco Nap; and inflatables by Seattle Design Nerds. Photos: Jin Park.

Material Performance Programs
Jacob Lawrence Gallery
Fall 2017

Material Performance presented three programs that marked the beginning (Leon Finley), middle (Jono Vaughn), and closing (Margie Livingston) of the exhibition.

Leon Finley, Whistling at the Wall Until it Becomes Everything and Me
Thursday, November 9, 6:30 pm
Jacob Lawrence Gallery

A performance in which Finley tried to become one with a wall, Whistling at the Wall Until it Becomes Everything and Me is a study of interdependence and becoming. Finley states, “The sound of the whistle penetrates the wall and my body. The whistle becomes solid and the wall and me become sound.” 

Jono Vaughan, Dyeing to Draw
Friday, November 24, 7:30 pm
Jacob Lawrence Gallery

Jono Vaughan’s Dyeing to Draw (featuring stylist Keri Scherbring, and UW School of Art professor Claire Cowie) highlighted the material transformations that we enact on our bodies through dyes. In the performance, Cowie’s hair was dyed purple and then cut over paper in the gallery, where the dyed hair created a drawing informed by Scherbring’s movements as she completed the haircut.

Margie Livingston, Artel
Saturday, December 9, 1 pm
University of Washington Campus

Artel was a participatory performance in which six people dragged a painting across the University of Washington campus using an artist-made harness, expanding the gesture of painting from solitary and private to public and collaborative. Inspired by Ilya Repin’s painting, Burlaks on the Volga, the title was taken from the semi-formal associations for craft, artisan, and light industrial cooperatives formed during the Russian Empire and Soviet Union. To be a member of an artel, all that was required was the capacity and willingness to work (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artel). Drawing on a history of performative dragging sited in the street by artists such as William Pope L., Francis Alÿs, Papo Colo, and Christian Marclay, Artel reflected on collective effort, chance operations, and the violence of production.

The Untuning of the Sky
Summer 2016
Locations across Seattle

The Untuning of the Sky was a series of outdoor events throughout the summer that brought together music, poetry, and film inspired by the mystery and wonder of the sky at night. Held at venues across Seattle, the series linked such divergent cultural traditions as the Music of the Spheres and afrofuturism with contemporary astronomical theory. The series took its name from John Hollander’s 1961 book by the same name that examines the influence of music on poetry.

June 24, 8 pm: The Untuning of the Sky Poetry Reading at the Center for Wooden Boats
August 18, 8 pm: Moon Gazing in the Skyspace with Melvin Moti screening
August 26, 8 pm: SAM REMIX at the Olympic Sculpture Park with Erik Blood
August 27, 8 pm: Hair and Space Museum at the Seattle Waterfront
September 30, 7 pm: SassyBlack in Concert at the Volunteer Park Amphitheater